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BuzzCool™ - Zapper, Lamp and Fan

BuzzCool™ - Zapper, Lamp and Fan

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"Love this zapper! It's super easy to carry around and the battery lasts me around 12 hours, maybe more not 100% sure. But I definitely did not get as much bites while using this. Highly recommend"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Marcia
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Summer can be a real pain when the buzzing of mosquitoes and the scorching heat join forces. These tiny pests not only irritate with their bites but can carry mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue. Those painful bites (coupled with the blistering heat) can be frustrating and maddening, and can turn a pleasant summer into a nightmare.

BuzzCool™ is the ultimate summer protection as it zaps pesky mosquitoes while keeping the area cool. Each powerful 3-in-1 device uses strong UV light to attract and zap mosquitoes, as well as a cooling 20-speed fan for added comfort. Stay safe and comfortable, no matter how hot it gets!

Reasons Why The BuzzCool™ Will Change Your Life 

Mosquito Killer: With a powerful 2000 voltage zapper, BuzzCool™ ensures ultimate protection from itchy bites and fatal mosquito-borne diseases. Experience peace of mind while feeling safe all summer.

20-Speed Cooling Fan: Switch between 20 powerful speeds to keep the temps low with BuzzCool™. Beat the heat, cool down, and stay comfortable all summer long!

✅ Long-Lasting Rechargeable Power: With powerful batteries, BuzzCool™ offers long-lasting, rechargeable power. Embrace pure bliss with an unswappable battery that keeps the family cool and protected for hours.

✅User-Friendly Controls: BuzzCool™ features a convenient LCD display, making it effortless to monitor and adjust the environment. Navigate with ease, while enjoying optimal comfort and protection.

Portable: Being lightweight and compact, BuzzCool™ ensures a safe, cool oasis anywhere. It makes backyard barbecues, camping trips, and patio unwinding even more enjoyable.

How To Use:

1. Power Up: Fully charge BuzzCool™ before use to ensure nonstop protection and cooling.

2. Pick A Mode: Decide between mosquito zapping, fan mode, lantern or a combo of both, whatever suits any vibe!

3. Set A Speed: Use the LCD to dial in the perfect fan speed for the ideal cool-down.

4. Place Smartly: Position BuzzCool™ close by for the best mosquito defense and cooling breeze.

5. Chill Out: Kick back and enjoy the summer days and nights, free from pesky mosquitoes and discomfort.

We get it, trying to enjoy a family BBQ only to be bombarded by pesky mosquitoes and sweltering heat is no fun. Instead of enjoying the perfect summer day, you're waving away bugs and dripping with sweat. The US EPA states that there are more than 13,000 deaths in the US per year due to extreme heat.

With BuzzCool™, the summer season is now worry-free and peaceful. BuzzCool™ keeps the bugs at bay and provides a refreshing breeze. Whether going camping, playing in the backyard or spending time together indoors, now the entire family can enjoy every moment of the summer season in comfort and protection.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 28 x 16.5 x 16cm / 11.02 x 6.5 x 2.99in

Color: Gray White

Input voltage: 5V 2A

Working power: 5W max.

Power supply: Type-C charging cable

Gear: 20 gears

Timer: 8H

Noise: 45-50dB

Working time: about 3-6h

Built-in Lithium Battery: Rechargeable (2400 mA), rechargeable (4000 mA), rechargeable (4800 mA), rechargeable (8000 mA)


Package Contents

1 x Desk Fan
1 x Type-C Cable


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