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Self-Discipline Phone Timing Box

Self-Discipline Phone Timing Box

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Spending just 2 hours a day on your phone adds up to 730 hours a year. That’s over 30 days a year, and a whopping 5 years over a lifetime! Each minute of scrolling is stealing precious moments from us—time with loved ones, new adventures, and the joy of learning something new. Imagine losing 5 years of your life to a screen. Terrifying, right?

Turn procrastination into productivity with the Self-Discipline Phone Timing Box! Simply lock away your phone for a set amount of hours, and watch how quickly you get into the zone for deep work or finally make time for the hobbies you love.



Reasons To Love The Self-Discipline Phone Timing Box

🌎 Take it Anywhere: Lightweight and portable, so you can improve your productivity wherever you go!

🔋 Rechargeable: Only need to charge every 60 days. Set it and forget it!

📱 Universal Fit: Works with most cellphone models, so everyone can get in on the action.

Boost Time Management: Helps you focus and use your time wisely. Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to productivity!

📞 Stay Connected: Answer calls and charge your phone even when it's locked away.



How To Use

1. Insert Phone: Place your phone inside the box, ensuring it is securely placed.

2. Set the Timer: Decide how much time you want to lock away your phone for and set it using the easy-to-use timer.

3. Close and Lock Box: Close the lid and lock it with the key provided, ensuring that your phone is safely locked away.

4. Deep Focus: Use this time to focus on important tasks or hobbies without any distractions from your phone.

5. Unlock and Enjoy: Once the timer goes off, unlock the box and enjoy some well-deserved screen time!



It's time to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with the world around us. And instead of mindlessly scrolling like zombies, we can make the most out of your time to tackle and achieve your daily goals.

The Self-Discipline Phone Timing Box is here to help you break free from the constant distraction of your phone, allowing you to make meaningful use of your time. Say goodbye to mindless scrolling and hello to a more intentional lifestyle.



Product Specifications

Dimensions: 205 mm x 85.5 mm x 20 mm

Weight: 163g

Battery Capacity: 300mah


Package Contents

1 x Phone Lock Box
1 x Charging Cable


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