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Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Portable Air Conditioner Fan

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Remember last summer's never-ending heat? It was brutal! Well, brace yourselves. Scientists say it's going to be even worse this year. We're talking temps over 104°F, turning our days into a living hell. With the mercury rising, many will be scrambling for pricey air conditioners costing $1000 or more.

Why break the bank to stay cool when you can keep comfy with your new portable air conditioner? This little gadget saves you from the scorching heat without draining your wallet. Imagine enjoying a refreshing, cool breeze no matter how hot it gets, all while saving money for summer fun and adventures. Cool down, relax, and let the good times roll!



Reasons Why You Need Your Portable Air Conditioner Fan

❄️ Icy Cold Fan Spray: Beat the heat with a refreshing mist that instantly cools you down. Imagine chilling out with an icy breeze on even the hottest days!

👜 Portable and Versatile: Take it anywhere! From cozy dorm rooms to sprawling outdoor lawns, this fan is your trusty companion for staying cool wherever you go.

🌈 7 Colorful Lamp Lights: Set the mood with vibrant, customizable lamp lights. Perfect for a late-night study session or a backyard chill session with friends.

🌙 Lasts the Whole Night: Rest easy knowing your fan will work through the night, keeping you cool and comfortable until sunrise. No more waking up drenched in sweat!

🌬️ Strong Winds & Timed Cooling: Enjoy powerful gusts of wind and set your preferred cooling duration—1, 2, or 3 hours. Plus, the fan speeds are so quiet, that they're practically silent, quieter than a kitten's footsteps.

How To Use

1. Charge It Up: Plug in your Portable Air Conditioner Fan using the Type-C USB cable and let it fully charge. A full charge ensures you get uninterrupted cooling when you need it most.

2. Fill the Tank: Add water to the tank for that refreshing mist spray. For an extra icy touch, toss in a few ice cubes.

3. Turn It On: Press the power button and feel the cool breeze instantly. Use the LCD to select your fan speed and set your cooling duration.

4. Adjust the Lamp: Customize the lamp lights to suit your mood or setting. Choose from a variety of colors to create the perfect ambiance.

5. Take It Anywhere: With its portable and lightweight design, carry your fan to your bedroom, office, or even your next outdoor adventure.



Remember that one summer day when you were sitting at your desk, the relentless heat penetrating your skin? The sweat was drenching your clothes, making it impossible to focus. All you wanted was some relief from the oppressive heat.

Now, imagine if you had your Portable Air Conditioner Fan that day. Picture the cool, refreshing mist wafting through your workspace, keeping the temperature just right. No more sweaty clothes or uncomfortable working conditions; you stay cool and calm. Your new portable AC fan is not just a gadget but a game-changer that transforms your summer days.


Product Specifications

Product Size : 21cm X 9cm X 26cm

Weight : 685g (without water)

Power : 10W Max

Voltage : 5V

Electric Current : 2A Max

Blowing Distance : 2.5m Max

Plug : Type-C USB Plug

Max Water Filled : 600ml

Volume Of Mist : 225ml / h Max

Timer : 1-3 hrs

Package Contents

1 x AC fan
1 x Type-C Cable

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